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arunagiri begs to be relieved from this world ridden with attachment, he is sad to
be chained to this state of being, where he believes he has to ‘attain’ material
things. he realizes that all the hours spent yearning for a glimpse of muruga are
futile- he wishes he could move past wanting muruga to appear before his eyes &
waits for the day when he is content to just say his name and see him within his
mind. he waits for the day when JUST SAYING his name- ‘muruga’, will suffice.


santhatham bandhath thodarAlE sanchalam thunjith thiriyAdhE
kandhanen dRendRutRu unai nALum kaNdukoN danbutR tRiduvEnO
thandhiyin kombaip puNarvOnE sankaran pangiR sivaibAlA
chendhilang kaNdik kadhirvElA thenparang kundriR perumALE


from Poorvaa (Live in Boston) - Arunagiri Perumale, track released August 15, 2015



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Poorvaa Chennai, India

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