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arunagiri is desperate and confused. the world is a hard place to live in,
especially for a lonely ascetic, living off alms and nothing but devotion & the
desire to learn. he has only a few resources- his intellect, his language, his
mortal body and his devotion to muruga. he feels like nature is closing in on him…
the moon that is blemished by previous battles, shines on him the history of
difficulty in the form of ‘venom’. the seashells, which symbolize the endless
ocean, and clouds that symbolize the endless sky, create a deafening din that
drives him insane. he confesses to muruga ‘lacking any devotion or clarity of
thought, I come to you, with nothing but desire’.


Nachcharava mendru nachcharavam endru nachchumizhka Langa madhiyAlum
naththodu muzhang ganaththodu muzhangu naththirai vazhangu kadalAlum
ichchaiyuNar vindri ichchaiyena vandha ichchiRumi nondhu meliyAdhE
eththanaiyi nenjil eththana muyangi iththanaiyil anjal enavENum

pachchaimayil koNdu pachchaimaRa mangai pachchaimalai yengum uRaivonE
pathiyuda nindru pathiseyum anbar paththiram aNindha kazhalOnE
kachchivar kurumbai kachchavar virumbu kachchiyil amarndha kadhirvElA
kaRpaga vanangkoL kaRpu aga visumbar kaiththaLai kaLaindha perumALE


from Poorvaa (Live in Boston) - Arunagiri Perumale, track released August 15, 2015



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