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traveling reveals more and more about the nature
of people to arunagiri. he notices flaws- people who
seek wisdom, money, devotion through the wrong channels-
people who are ‘book smart’ and think they are superior because
they win petty debates- people who amass wealth, but don’t find it in
them to share with everyone/do charity- people who want material success
but in their minds do not recognize muruga as a treasure they already have-
these people are bound to wander between mortality and the
place of ’death’.


kAdhi mOdhi vAdhAdu nUl katriduvOrung
kAsu thEdi yeeyAmal vAzhap peRuvOrum
mAdhupAgar vAzhvE yenA nekkurugArum
mARilAdha mAkAlanUr pukkalaivArE

nAdha rUpa mA nAtha rAgath uRaivOnE
nAgalOkam eerEzhu pAruk uriyOnE
theedhilAdha vEl veera sEvaR kodiyOnE
dhEva dhEvadhEvAdhi dhEvap perumALE


from Poorvaa (Live in Boston) - Arunagiri Perumale, track released August 15, 2015



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Poorvaa Chennai, India

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